Welcome to Appfrosch


My name is Andreas Seeger. I am a family father of 2 working in IT in Switzerland. I have strong interests in

  • IT
  • web
  • gadgets
  • iOS programming
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • ...


I am planning to take you on a journey -- my journey to get more into development, specifically iOS development.

After having dabbled with that kind of stuff I really got hooked up doing my thesis for the studies I did for the past 3 years.
So for my final assignment, I was doing an iOS application that is supposed to help in logistics by scanning barcodes with an iOS device and processing logistics.


I am not planning to waste my time monitoring comments -- which is why you can share your thoughts with me and the world on Twitter. My handle is @appfrosch.

In case you are not part of the Twitter universe (I certainly joined the party very late myself...) you can also reach me via email under splash@appfros.ch.