How it started…

One week has passed. This last week, I mainly tried to get an overview over the ideas and proof of concepts I had over the course of the last years. I did this to decide on which app I’d like to work on first.

Funny thing is, after I thought I had decided on that, I realized that my 2 kids where struggling with their English and French vocabulary they had to learn for school. So I switched plans and started to work on a vocabulary learning app–an idea that I have had before.

My goal is to add my own spin to this, enabling an easy process of entering the vocabulary, having different learning modes and syncing sets of vocabulary via iCloud with other devices.

What I also did is, in the 💯DaysOf scheme, tooting about my daily efforts on this. Even though I forgot to toot on the same day twice, I guess better late than never is a valid idiom here. 😀

…and how it shall proceed

For Week 2, I am planning to keeping on working on the vocabulary app to reach an early alpha state so that I can start using the app myself–I am trying to pick up my rusty French skills myself again-and perhaps even reach an early beta phase so that I can install the app on my kids devices to let them learn with it.

Let’s see how this goes! 🤗

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