My 3rd week of #100DaysOfDevelopment has already started–I am a bit late with this post admittedly... As I sometimes am with my toots on Mastadon, more often than I like to admit I am tooting a day later only. I don't think that this is an issue though as that does not mean that I had not done anything on that day I missed tooting.

On my week 2

Anyways, as planned for week 2, I kept on working on my small vocabulary app and also reached my goal to start using TestFlight with my kids.

Unfortunately this was more easily said than done... First of all, my son's iPhone needed to be updated to meet the minimum iOS requirements. After having done that, I was able to have him install the app through TestFlight. For my daughter, it's another story: I only now realised that her iPad has reached its end of life concerning iOS compatibility: iOS 15.6.7 seems to be the last iOS I can install on it... Other than that, I learned that TestFlight has a minimum age of 13 for someone to be a tester–an age that she has not reached yet...

So, I thought that maybe I'll just have to install the app manually on her iPad without TestFlight every once in a while, which shouldn't be much of an issue. So I just tried to make the app iOS 15.6 compatible, but realised very fast that I already have some dependencies in my app that prevent that, frontmost being me using the new NavigationStack api I will not got without.

So, I guess I'll have to watch out for a new (used?) iPad for her... In the meantime I guess she will have some time on my own iPad...

Further plans

I want to keep on working on the app, pushing updates to TestFlight. I already received valuable input from my son, who started using the app. That was true fun and helpful! I am looking forward to have more of these one-on-one sessions with him–and one she can use with my daughter as well of course.

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