This is my blog!

The main reason to maintain this blog is really truely a very selfish reason -- I want to remember stuff I learned, and I do so much better if I put in the effort to write it down. Stuff I won't remember anyway will be available to my future self to read an remember again.

If doing so publicly helps other people than my future self -- even better :-)

This blogpost has been written with Xcode 14.3.1.

What is a compilation condition?

An easy example for a compilation condition that probably a lot of developers might have seen before is DEBUG. Enclosed in the Compiler Directives #if and #endif, what this allows us to do is to run specific...


Often, there is need for the same functionality in different projects, whether it is with custom classes, enums or even extensions on framework classes. In order to not reinvent the wheel over and over again for your future self, why not create a personal toolbox that can be imported...

When it comes to using git within Xcode, I kind of developed a love / hate relationship. The reason for this mainly is that a lot of times it does not become clear to me as to what is happening. Here’s my latest example for this.

Adding a Sketch mockup to the project

I like to have everything...